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We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!

Kittywalk Original Pet Stroller - Free Shipping

Kittywalk Original Pet Stroller - Free Shipping originalstroller Quantity in Basket: none
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Manufacturer: Kittywalk


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Kittywalk Original Pet Stroller - Shipping Included

About The Kittywalk™ Original Pet Stroller
The Original Pet Stroller is designed for owners of cats, small dogs, and puppies. Carole C. Wilbourn, behaviorist, noted author and columnist says, "Strolling together gets you and your pet outdoors while also greatly reducing your pet's stress and anxiety normally associated with transportation."


  • Great for city dwellers who own cats or small dogs.
  • Ideal for trips to the vet, especially for older dogs with hip & joint ailments.
  • Use the carrier by itself as an alternative from hot plastic carriers. (Carry Strap included)
  • Rust resistant steel, water resistant fabric, and durable nylon netting.
  • Comfortable, easy-to-wash padding (1/2" thick).
  • Goes anywhere and folds up for easy storage.
  • Stroller can be used separately as a wagon for easy hauling of groceries, laundry etc.
  • Carrier has two compartments: Open air netting & fabric enclosed for privacy.
  • Includes handy safety break.
  • The stroller will hold 25+ lbs, your cat and dog will love it.

Dimensions of the portable pet carrier part are: 26"L, 14"W, 17"T.
Push handle height from the ground is a comfy 37.5"
The privacy parlor (The shaded part of the portable pet carrier) is 13"L, 14"W and 17"T.
The multi-directional wheels are 4 1/2" Tall and have brakes.

Average Customer Rating

Number of Raters: 2
Purchased just three weeks ago for a vacation and LOVE it- used it in hotels,bedrooms,mountain roads,and rest spots for lunch time [once it poured rain and it was so nice to have = all I did was push her under cover of an information building and she felt safe near strangers]All the employees came out to see her in the stroller during the rain & we visited 9 kids under 7 while on vacation that used it and they had a ball = one thing I did was put two small combination locks on it front & back entrance during the kids pushing the stroller so I would be sure they would not be able to open if out of site since my Shih-Poo is only 14 months old. Pockets in back very useful for water etc. Bigger dogs attack smaller ones so the protection is a great comfort too. When I say want to go for a ride my dogs jumps in the back and is sooooooooo ready for her ride anywhere = inside or outside. LOL Highly recommend this product people look at it funny at first but then realize it is VERY useful = I just smile because I know my dog is safe requardless of what anyone who is not use to seeing a stroller thinks! Actually have fun discussing it with people = alot of laughs.
Reviewer: TrudysTouch@comcast.net  12/05/2009
UPDATE = I wrote the review above and I just want to add this information as well. This has come in soooooooo handy in the last few months, I use it now when we are staying over as guests = [Casey cryed when left downstairs in a strange place = new surprise on the trip mentioned above] because of the design the top comes off the frame and serves as a protected bed I was able to take her upstairs sooooo the kids in the family decided to grab their sleeping bags and slept on the floor with Casey every night. ALSO I do alot of yard work and now Casey loves being with me sitting in her stroller outside getting fresh air & shade when hot instead of running around all the windows to keep me in sight! Cutting grass, raking leaves, Christmas lights, getting the mail you name the job and she is there with me and is totally protected. Casey jumps in and out with no problem because the back serves as a ramp. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product and you will to if you purchase this product.
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Kittywalk Original Pet Stroller - Shipping Included
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!