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We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!

Kittywalk Deck and Patio Enclosure - Free Shipping

Kittywalk Deck and Patio Enclosure - Free Shipping deckandpatio Quantity in Basket: none
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Manufacturer: Kittywalk


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Kittywalk Deck and Patio Enclosure - Shipping Included

About The Kittywalk™ Deck and Patio Enclosure
The Kittywalk Deck and Patio provides a haven where your cat can relax in the fresh air, chase bugs, watch birds, exercise and enjoy the sunshine without risk of escape or injury.

Works with apartment balconies and backyard decks & patios where staking wickets into the ground is not possible. Uses unique snap together rail system. For use on any flat surface.

Easy to team several units together for added length. Simple to attach to the original stake in the ground 10' Kittywalk model if desired. Also connects to indoor/outdoor pet doors. Patio version extends to a full six feet long, 19" wide and 24" tall. Made of sturdy industrial strength fishnet woven to a metal hoop shaped wicket.

Includes travel & storage bag and handy training hints.

Accepts Kittywalk KABANA® option.

Some Assembly Required

Average Customer Rating

Number of Raters: 3
The kittywalk has changed my indoor cats lives. They wait by the door for me to let them out. I keep mine by the sliding door, open on one side and they come in and out as they please. I get great pleasure watching them bask in the sun enjoying the birds and bugs. Great investment.
I highly recommend the Kittywalk Systems. I have the deck and patio,curves,T's, and the Penthouse Systems set up on my deck. With a Cat-door installed in my sliding glass door my cat is free to go out on the deck to take a nap or play any time she wants. The Kittywalk System's are easy to set up and are strong and durable. Excellent design keeps my cat safe, while outdoors. When it comes to protecting my cat from danger I trust Kittywalk Systems. My cat loves playing with her red ball inside her Kittywalk System. I recently purchased the Panic Mouse and the Play-n-Squeak Mouse toy. She loves getting inside the Kittywalk System and swatting through the netting at the Panic Mouse Tail or the Play-n-Squeak Mouse outside the Kittywalk System. It's her favorite thing to do besides eat and sleep. I can't argue with success and I have found it here with these products. I think you will too.
Reviewer: BYKEAHOLIC@YAHOO.COM  05/18/2008
Barney/we don't hesitate to go outside and eat on the deck anymore. The Blue Jays leave him alone, there has been Squirrels, Racoons, & Cats found locally to have been infected with rabies, he/we don't worry about this either. The people who are residents with children in this upscale community, apparently are not aware of the 25mph residential speed limit, while racing [40-50 mph+] whereever they are going. Let alone using a hands free set-up on their Cell Phones, and they are the ones with the children playing in the street. I guess it only counts badly if you hit one your own children/animals, because they certainly don't care about other people's enough to leave 5 minutes earlier. Barney/we don't have to worry about him being road kill. Excellent product for Peace of Mind.
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Kittywalk Deck and Patio Enclosure - Shipping Included
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!