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Skamper-Ramp Swimming Pool Pet Ramp SKR4

Skamper-Ramp Swimming Pool Pet Ramp SKR4 SKR4 Quantity in Basket: none
Code: SKR4
Manufacturer: Skamper-Ramp

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Skamper-Ramp Swimming Pool Pet Ramp SKR4

It's the Perfect Way to Protect
and Pamper Your Pet

Skamper-Ramp Swimming Pool Pet Ramp SKR4

Each year in the U.S. over 10,000 family pets drowned needlessly in swimming pools and walled lakes, along with countless millions of other creatures: raccoons, possums, squirrels, frogs, chipmunks, mice, etc.

THE PROBLEM: When a pet or other animal jumps or falls in a pool, walled lake or pond, they have no trouble swimming for a while but, without a way out, they eventually drown from exhaustion brought on by panic or fatigue. Though drownings occur by day, they occur most often at night leaving the pool owner or lakefront resident with that cruel surprise of a dead pet or animal floating in their pool or skimmer basket.

SOLUTION: Skamper Industries LLC manufactures and distributes the animal rescue device known as Skamper-Ramp®. It is attractive, affordable and most importantly, works! Skamper-Ramp safeguards against finding any dead animals, pets or critters, in your pool. 100% made in America with pride!

Orignial Skamper-Ramp, recommended for pet under 45 lbs
(assembled - 25"x 13"x 6.5")

Made from polymers that are white, recyclable, and chemical- and UV-resistant. Each kits comes with nylon rope, washers, and non-rusting D-ring-clips for attaching in order to put to use.

We suggest attaching the ramp to the pool's deck with the stainless steel D-ring-clips and rope provided. The ramps have a knot tied as close to the ramp surface as possible in order for it to maintain its orientation.

There are two sets of holes in the ramp for threading the rope through, in order to have a snug fit to the wall (including under a deep coping, such as with a steel sided vinyl wall).

Some people choose to use existing railings, pool cover anchors, or water leveler covers, rather than drilling into their deck. In this case, be sure the rope tie-downs are not spread much farther apart than the width of the ramp for optimal performance.

The ramp should float/hang in the water at an angle that is approximately 30-degrees below horizontal so that the ramp's round "nose"is submerged by a few inches.

Lead-plug or stainless steel anchors with non-rusting screws are suggested for poured/solid decks; non-rusting bolts and nuts with a lock washer are suggested for hollow decks. Customers should check with their pool service company if they are unsure what method to use!

Easy to assemble, blowmolded polyethylene snap-together components. Directions for assembly and attachment are provided with every Skamper-Ramp.

Vinyl Liner Pools
Skamper-Ramps are designed to keep an animal's claws from slashing the plastic walls of vinyl liner pools as they attempt escape. Each corner radius is designed to protect-not puncture-the vinyl liner. For extra buoyancy we suggest using flotation "noodle" sections attached with plastic tie-downs. While we haven't had anyone report a problem but we understand and respect the fear of replacing a liner. In order to minimize rub, if you have it or can get it, we suggest doubling the vinyl wall layer in the area where the ramp will be installed. If that is not possible you could tape the edge of the ramp that will be closest to the pool wall with duct tape or waterproof vinyl pool tape. We are in the process of developing a vinyl pool kit for this.

In the case of thick coping/a deep overhanging deck, be sure to rethread the rope through the holes below the logo, in order to pull the ramp snugly under the overhang, and close to the pool wall.

Training a Pet to Use Your Skamper-Ramp®
Just a note about pets and animal safety. While wild animals seem to know instinctively how to use Skamper-Ramp in an emergency, some of our more domesticated pets, like dogs and ferrets, might need to be shown how the ramp can help them when in peril.

We suggest you take your pet into the pool with you and "help" them see how they can climb out of the pool using your Skamper-Ramp. This is facilitated by putting one of their favorite treats on the ramp near the pool edge and another on the pool deck, so they go up the ramp trying to get at the treat. It's fun to take them in for a second demonstration and see how well they have learned the "drill"during their first visit.

Skamper-Ramp Swimming Pool Pet Ramp SKR4

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We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!