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HomeProducts By Brand NamePatio PacificPatio Pacific Endura Flap Door for Doors - Free Shipping
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Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door for Doors - Free Shipping

Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door for Doors -  Free Shipping EnduraFlap Quantity in Basket: none
Code: EnduraFlap
Manufacturer: Patio Pacific

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Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door for Doors
- Shipping Included

Patio Pacific Logo
"Stop being a
door-opening slave!"

It's The Optimum Way To Pamper Your Pet!
Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door Endura Flap Door Mount with Locking Cover
Endura Flap Door Mount Pet Door for Doors
Endura Flap Door Mount for Doors
Locking Cover In Place

This Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door Features:

  • New! Extreme Performance 'Endura' flap - The best, most highly engineered pet door flap ever made.  Tired of replacing worn out, leaking flaps? You owe it to yourself to investigate the Endura Flap. It seals, it insulates and it will last forever!
  • New! 'High Aspect Ratio' design:  Much easier to fit your pet. Improves security for medium to large sized pets. Easier to share with a smaller pet.
  • New! User-adjustable magnet strength: Optional Magnet kits allow the customer to increase wind resistance or reduce magnet pull for training. Each kit will contain 2 magnets (top and bottom) plus installation clip and instructions.
  • Beefy aluminum framing with completely hidden hardware. No more flimsy frames with bolts showing all over.
  •  New! 'Green' flap material:  Safe for the environment unlike vinyl (PVC) which is not.
  • Self-Framing for all doors: 1/2" - 13/4" single flap version and 13/4" to 21/4" double flap version. (Adjusting the single flap to less than 13/8" requires cutting the trim frame with a jig saw).
  • Sturdy Locking Cover - Locks pets in or out. Easy to use clip lock is better than the old spring-loaded pin locks.
  • Four sizes - From #6 for cats and small dogs to the #12 for very big dogs.
  • 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA.

  • Ship Time: This item usually ships within 5-10 days directly from the manufacturer in California.
Single and Double Flap Versions.
Endura Flap Pet Door for Doors - Single Flap Cross Section Endura Flap Door Mount - Double Flap Version
Endura Flap Engineering Drawings
(false colors are used to highlight detail).
Endura Flap Door Mount Cross Section
Including Locking Cover

"Endura Flap" Door Mount Pet Door for Doors
Model &
Stock Number
Flap Dimension Rough Cut Outside Frame Dimension Number
of Flaps
6" x 11" 8 3/8" x 15" 9 7/16" x 153/4" 1
6" x 10" 2
8" x 15" 10 1/2" x 19" 111/2" x 1915/16" 1
8" x 14" 2
10" x 19" 12 1/2" x 23" 13 9/16"x
10" x 18" 2
12" x 23" 14 5/8" x 271/8" 15  5/8" x
12" x 22" 2
Endura Flap Door Mounts Are Available in Four Sizes
Positive Magnetic Seal Runs the Full Height of the Endura Flap
Positive Magnetic Seal
Runs the Full Height of the Endura Flap

About Patio Pacific

In 2001 Patio Pacific set out to design and build the best pet door flap ever made. The result: The Endura Flap Door Mount pet door.

If you've never owned a pet door before, you're going to be very satisfied. It does what you think it should.

But if you have ever owned a pet door, hold on to your socks. You're not going to believe how much better this is that what you've had in the past.

A note on single versus double flap versions:  We think that the single flap version is adequate for all but the most demanding climate situations.

Note: The double flap versions and the #10 and #12 single flap versions are not recommended for use by cats.

Average Customer Rating

Number of Raters: 1
I received the pet door very quickly and in perfect condition. I had it unpacked and installed in less than an hour and it works exactly as advertised! I am very pleased with myself for deciding to spend the extra money and get a patio pet door and not only does everything it says it does, but matches my dual pane slider so well that it looks like it was made for it. And it does insulate as advertised. I live in Phoenix and it is already over 100 degrees here. My AC is set for 72 degrees [I am not a native desert dweller - I am originally from Washington State so I am more comfortable keeping my home a little cooler than most people do] and the room in which the pet door is stays at the same 72 degrees as the rest of my house. Now that's a perfect example of how insulating the Thermal Panel III is! Oh, and let's not forget the Edura Flap, it also works as promised. The Endura Flap is so superior to the typical vinyl pet door flap that it is ridiculous to even try and compare the two! Thank you so much for providing such an exceptional product!
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Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door- Shipping Included
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!
We Accept All Credit Cards Through PayPal!